Buried Alive (Part Two In “The Mean Machine Series”)

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My hands tremble when I think about what you tried to do. As the truth tumbles from a long and painful isolation, its weight will crush your oh so precious reputation. Ignorance put these wheels in motion. You were warned I do not wait in vain—eye for an eye; poison for poison. I am better to spend my life alone than to spend another day loving you.

Dear Reader,

The day Shameless broke my heart is also the day he lost my respect. Unbeknownst to me he had no chance in redeeming himself and the longer I hung onto the facade, the more harm I caused to us both. I could have been the better person, but I wanted him punished for all the pain he caused, for the events he put in motion and most importantly for insulting my intelligence, my sanity and my love with his inability to…

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DonaTo _DividEd

Excerpt From 

“The Happiness Delusion”

For most of my life I have been in pursuit of love without condition. In a world mired in chaos and misfortune, evidence of its existence seems to have vanished. The ideal is lost in space; exiled from the realm of possibility.


Over the years my quest has led me astray and left me for dead. My initial reaction to rejection is rebellious in the sense that I refuse to accept it, in turn, creating a false sense of security. Self-sabotage by way of chemical dependence is my own worst enemy. But I am lost in the ideal; fixated on someone not worth my time; someone incapable of fulfilling all my needs….



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Good Morning Y’all,
Happy Saturday! As the countdown for Compound Delusions: The Rise & Fall Of Our Design continues, today is the last day you can download Louder Than Bombs (Reinventing Progress) free of charge on Amazon/Kindle. Much to my surprise the results have been decent as it became my first number one in its category on the Amazon charts. This may sound silly but I am thrilled to see that, particularly because Louder Than Bombs is the only one of my books that failed to reach 50,000 downloads on myeBook.com last year. It’s good to see it finally getting some exposure. Tonight at midnight my personal favorite, The Dragon’s Tongue (Tiny Tails) takes the reigns. I have several pieces I am most particularly proud of. This promotion has been bittersweet. I am not too nostalgic of a person however, I have enjoyed my trips back in time while choosing…

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Good Day to you all!

The following is the first new poem I feel led to post in a long time. This is a work in progress but if published as a poem it will probably stay pretty much the way it is. Enjoy!

Lost in the space between
heaven and hell
Stuck in a bubble with storm-clouds
and hand-grenades
Thirty-plus years in and your prowess
still manages to penetrate my peace
The razor’s edge to which I cling
spits in the face of your absence
The charm fed my fool with untruths
And now I live to walk the night
drowning in a flood of souls
who seek and never find

Razzle my dazzle to chisel the dribble
You’re going the wrong way
Distance was inevitable
A welcomed twist of fate
The quest to quench
a thirst for high flying adored
Heaven hath no mercy
for a limbo…

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